Top 10 Dating Tips For College

College is a fun fun place and dating can make it even more fun. Here are 10 dating tips to make the most of it.

1. Go to clubs.

College clubs are a great way to meet and date some people. You’ll get to know that person as they really are and you’ll get to see their true colors. Also going out to college events is another great way to meet someone you may like.

2. Go to actual clubs.

Okay nothing beats going out to rave or an actual club and finding someone you like, but don’t expect that much out of it. It usually ends up on the dance floor, in the back, a potential hookup and a few texts afterward. The game at the club is plenty but may not be the best dating material.

3. Don’t date from the same building.

This is a must. If you date from the same building and things go south, it’s going to be pretty awkward walking around that place, especially if you bump into each other. Just don’t do it.

4. But go on dates. Go on many dates.

Dates are fun! Go on as many as you can because dating in volume increases the chances of you finding someone compatible with what you got. Plus it’s just a great way to spend time even if you don’t think you’re really into that person because if they’re playful, you’ll have fun.

5. “The One” usually doesn’t exist.

The odds you finding someone that’s perfect are about the same as you winning the lottery in Vegas. The numbers are stacked against you. Instead find someone that’s imperfect in the best possible way and you will have better dating results.

6. Date someone who is playful and fun.

Dating is not supposed to be very serious. It’s a like a fun game, so find someone that knows how to play it well and you will always win. You’ll always win together in fact, which is the best part!

7. Don’t do long distance.. It sucks.

A lot of people have been there and most will tell you that A. it sucks. B. 85% of the time it does not work out. And C. it makes you miserable. So why do it?

If you are in a LDR and you are approaching your peak, just end it on a good note. You don’t have to shatter each other’s worlds. Just be realistic about it and maybe if you two end up crossing roads again then you can hit it off. But don’t do it if it’s making you miserable. Remember, there are always more fish in the sea.

8. Don’t close yourself off once you are in a relationship.

If you get in a relationship, that doesn’t mean that you should stop hanging out with all your friends and be less social just so you can spend more time with your SO. Keep a good balance because the time apart can make your get togethers more special.

9. If the relationship is not fun, end it.

That is a key advice because many times people get too wrapped up in the drama of the relationship that they can’t stop or they think that they are in too deep. They are not, and neither are you. So if you are not happy in your relationship, then break off from it because it’s supposed it be fun.

10. Don’t obsess over it.

Lastly don’t obsess over dating and relationships in college. College is about so much more and the less desperate you are when it comes to dating or finding a relationship, the more options you will have and the most interesting girls and guy you will meet.

So those are the 10 dating tips for college. If you keep those in mind, then you will have a good time and remember what lies at the heart of all dates: keeping them fun :]