5 Reasons Working At Best Buy Is Awesome

While in college or just job hunting, Best Buy is one of the best part-time or full-time jobs to have.

If you read the Top-Paying Jobs For College Students post, then this article will dive deeper to describe why Best Buy is not only a top-paying job to have in college, but also just a really awesome place to work at if you are looking for a good job.

5. The pay

The pay at Best Buy is pretty great. Starting $10-12/hr and some even start at $13/hr. To get that though, you really have to rock your interview.

Geek Squad starts between $12-13.5/hr and Pac Sales (appliances) is $13-15.5/hr. Plus if you just want a good full-time job, work your way towards the managers position (average around 6-12 months if your’e determined) and you can get anywhere between $14-18/hr. Not to mention that Store and General Managers make around 50-80k a year. The money is there.

4. Low stress

For the most part, Best Buy is really laid back. Just meet your goals, sell some protection plans and have fun. The management can get a little tough sometimes but for the most part you get a lot of positive reinforcement from just talking to so many interesting people. It opens your horizons.

3. Benefits

Best Buy does have some nice benefits. Some people work there just for that alone. Best Buy gives insane discounts on TVs, its own brands like Insignia and Rocketfish. Things like aux cables and other electronics also get pretty good discounts.

2. Networking

That has got to be the best part about working at Best Buy. Whether as a vendor or an employee, the amount of people you meet is insane! As an employee you’re exposed to executives from Booz Allen, HP, Lockheed Martin and more.

If you are smart, you can even get paid internships just from helping people and sparking a conversation with them. Give good service, build rapport and you will go places.

1. Sense of achievement

When you finish your day and meet your goals by selling that really expensive computer or a $5,000 TV, you just tend to get a big smile on your face because you just crushed your quota for the day. This feeling of achievement can really boost your self confidence and you can take it with you wherever you go because you know that you have the ability to meet and go beyond any expectations that are set before you.

Those are some of the reasons to work at Best Buy while studying in college. Would you agree or disagree with those or do you have your own stories about Best Buy? Share all that knowledge in the comments.