5 Top Paying Jobs For College Students

College is expensive, so here is a list of 5 top paying jobs that successful students have.

Going to college full time or part time, finding the right job that works with your schedule, plays well and is stress free is difficult but not impossible. This list should give you more options to chose from.

5. Waiter

Working as a waiter can actually make you a lot of money. If you set the schedule right with your manager then you can work the best shifts, most of which are weekends (including Fridays). If you work the weekends, then you maximize your income while minimizing the amount of hours worked.

For example some students working at a sports bar can make around $600 just over the weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun). If you do the math, that’s around $2,400 a month. Subtract taxes and you still have yourself a big chunk of cash while working minimally.

4. Best Buy

This is a great place to work. Best Buy has a lot of different departments to work in that are actually fun. You start out anywhere between $10-12/hr working on the floor. If you work in Greek Squad it’s between $12-13/hr and Pac Sales (Appliances) gets you around $13-15/hr. Then if you jump into a manager’s positions they range anywhere between $14-18/hr so you can make some really good money and have a fun job.

3. Vendors at Best Buy

If you don’t want to work directly for Best Buy, working as vendor is like leveling up. You get higher pay (starting between $12-18/hr), no hassle from managers, and a much more flexible schedule. Samsung, Mosaic and Market Source are a few to name.

2. Dog Walker

This one sounds really odd but if you are smart about this then you can make bank. As a dog walker, you get anywhere between $10-20/hr for waking one dog. Now if you do more than one…well you do the math and you can make a lot. In fact some people make six figures just from walking dogs which is baffling!

It is also pretty fun. You get to walk with happy balls of fur that absolutely love you! It is a legit option and care.com is a great website if you are interested.

1. Tutor or Chess Coach

Of all the jobs, tutoring as well as being a chess coach pay the most. As a tutor in most subjects you can make anywhere between $20-50/hr and if you stack your students, you can cut driving time while increasing pay.

As a chess coach working for the right company, you can make around $40/hr and in some cases even $70/hr (depending on your national rating) so it is definitely one of the highest paying jobs to have. Low hours, low stress and high income. You can do private lessons or work for a company. Either way, you’ll make a lot. You can use care.com to find both types of jobs or just do a general web search.

You also don’t have to be the greatest chess player either. Going to a website such as chess.com or chesskid.com is a great way to get good fast. If you play 10 minute matches then you can raise your skill level to incredible heights in a really short amount of time.

This concludes the list of the 5 top-paying jobs to have in college. If you liked this list, have any questions or have your own job that you would like to share, post it in the comments below.