G2A – Best Place To Buy Video Games Cheap

Most people play video games for fun, for releasing stress or for e-sports. Either way, here’s the best place to get them cheap.

The Facts

Majority of hard and casual gamers use either consoles or PCs when it comes to gaming…or mac if you’re a total hipster. Everyone knows though that the best way to game is on a PC and if you disagree, you might change your mind after this article.

Downside Of Buying From Steam

If you’re a PC gamer, odds are you use Steam for most of your games and if you haven’t heard of Steam it’s basically like the Microsoft or Playstation Store for games.

Although Steam does do discounts and summer deals, the new games are still priced at market value so you might get a good deal on an old game but the new ones aren’t going down.

G2A Offers Best Prices

Everything changes when you use G2A. This site is a gamer’s wet dream. You can get the latest games for huge discounts that you can’t find anywhere else. For example a brand new game that would normally cost you $60, you can get for $40. The price cuts are insane. G2A has a huge library of games ranging from older titles to the hot releases. When you buy a game, you get a steam key so that the game gets activated in your Steam account. The site is also tested and is fully legit so shopping here makes more sense.

How G2A Works

Here is a little gaming economics 101. Video game companies like Bethesda and EA will sell games for the price that people are willing to buy. In rich countries like US, a new game would cost around $60, while in a poorer countries that same game would not sell for $60 because people just don’t have that much money. So what video game companies do is instead of losing that market is they just lower the prices so that people would still buy them.

What G2A does is buy those games from poorer countries and resells them to the richer ones. For example G2A would buy a new game for $35 in a poor country, then sell it for $40 to markers in North America or Europe. They make a small margin but sell in large volumes. Video game keys are not region locked so it’s perfectly legal.

Also since these keys are from different countries, some have issues working. So G2A has a protection plan for like an extra $1-2 saying that they will give you a new key if the old one does not work, but most key are legit and work fine.

Final Verdict

Overall G2A is a legitimate website that takes advantage of global economics to resell video games at lower prices in markets like North America or Europe. So if you want to pay less for games, start by going to G2A’s website and check it out for yourself.