5 Tips To Get A High Paying Internship

One of the most difficult things in college is getting a high paying internship. Here is a list of tips that successful students use.

1. Network at your job

This is a big tip that most don’t do practically. Since most people work in customer service (one way or another), they tend to come across a lot of important people. Asking about a person’s job can lead to an internship opportunity. Something as simple striking a conversation at checkout or helping a person find something can create that conversation.

2. Network with your professors

One of the most effective ways to get internships is by talking with your current professors. Many of them work in other businesses and usually have a large arsenal of connections. Therefore building good rapport with them and asking them about opportunities comes a long way.

3. One internship a week

One of the most important habits to develop is to apply for one internship a week. People who have the most options, get infinitely further in life than those who don’t. If you turn that into second nature then as some companies reject you, others will accept. If you do it consistently then you will not be scrambling for that one or two low-paying internships that barely pay $9/hr but rather the best ones that start at $20/hr.

4. Early bird gets the worm

Waiting too long to actually start applying for internships is the biggest mistake most college students make. For example when applying for summer internships, the process should start in Fall because by January or February of next year, most (as well as the best) internships are already taken. Don’t be the late bird that starves. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Just do it.

5. Apply in bulk using these sites

Build a profile on these websites and start applying for internships in bulk. The more you apply for, the more options you will have. The more options you have, the higher your odds become of finding the best company that suits you, your schedule and the salary you desire. Also if a company does not want to pay you the salary you stated, you can just walk away and mean it because you have more options on the table.

This list should give you a better idea of the things that successful students do in order to get the highest paid internships. The students that use these tips and combine them with determination are the ones that come out on top.

If you have any other tips or strategies that worked for you, share them below.