How To Customize Your Resume To Get Hired

When it comes to applying for a job, especially a very good one, having the right resume can mean the difference between getting a call or being left out. So here is what you do to avoid the latter.

Before you read: I had the privilege of speaking with a hiring manager from Booz Allen Hamilton about what they look for in resumes of potential applicants. Therefore keep in mind that this article is based off the advice I was given from both the hiring manager and several other Booz Allen employees I spoke with.

Nature of the beast

Before making a resume, you must first understand how companies (especially ones that pay well like Booz Allen Hamilton) screen potential applicants. Companies that get hundreds or thousands of resumes each year, use a filtering software that blocks about 90% of them. How do you become the remaining 10%? It’s fairly easy.

Tweaking job descriptions

Let’s say that you get past the filters and an actual human being looks over your resume. You still have to impress them because they are going to be looking at what fits with the job description.

What you must do next is customize your past jobs and appeal them to the current job you are applying for. The more focused you are, the better. You want to appear that you were born for this job and there is nothing else you would rather do.

Targeted keywords

When you read over a job description, it’s crucial to place the keywords from the description into your resume. Place them in parts that describe the type of experience you’ve had (many words are just synonyms), your main objective and your achievements/certifications.

Remember to make sure it actually aligns with what you did otherwise it would be considered fraud.

Booz Allen Hamilton Resume Template

Through networking at Best Buy, I was able to talk to one of Booz Allen’s hiring managers about what they look for when they screen resumes. The hiring managers have a specific format that they like to see. There are many details like where to place dates, key words in your objective and the order in which you should stack all your information.

It was a great opportunity to talk to an insider from a Fortune 500 company and I wanted to pass along that knowledge to everyone else as well.

So I created a resume template to match the advice I was given from the hiring manager at Booz Allen. The template is easy to use and you can insert your information quickly. Important parts are highlighted and some essentials can be rewritten in your own words.

If you use this template and combine it with targeted keywords as well as job description tweaking, then you will be able to stand strong against the competition when applying for your future job.