10 Incredibly Useful Websites For College Students

There is some incredibly useful website that can help you study better and do homework faster. The following is a list of some lesser know websites that can help you master college.


Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that you can use anywhere. The website has a high-quality display and the interface is really easy to use. The website can be used from your laptop, tablet or phone and all your past graphs can be saved using a free account. This is the useful website to have on hand in case you forget your graphic calculator or just want a better-looking graph to work with.


Quizlet is your go-to place for making flashcards for any subject. As a registered user you can create “sets” of terms customized for your own needs. The really great thing about Quizlet is that it reads the text for you which will help you memorize facts and terms faster than you would with normal flashcards. Additionally, you can download the mobile app and always have your flashcards with whenever you have a few minutes to review.


8track allows you to listen to ambient noise or natural sounds for maximum productivity. The website thousands of human-crafted playlists available to you for free. Use the website whenever you’re in a noisy place or just need help concentrating.


As the name implies CiteThisForMe.com helps you cite your paper and can create a bibliography in less than a minute. There’s also a Chrome extension that can generate citations of the webpage you’re on and automatically copy it to your clipboard.


Hibou is a Chrome extension that allows you to highlight ideas from any website. The really cool thing about Hibou is that it not only saves what you’ve highlighted but it also sends you notifications to reread your highlights before you forget them.


If you’re ever planning on studying late it’s important to know when to sleep. This is because your body goes through several sleep cycles and some of them are harder to wake up from than others. Sleepyti.me can help you chose the best time to sleep so that you don’t wake up groggy the next morning. Just input the time you need to wake up and the website will calculate a list of times you should fall asleep.


Slader features millions of solutions to the most popular textbooks in the United States. The solutions are always free to view and contributed by the community. It’s a great website to get help on the questions you’re stuck on. You can also help other students by contributing solution to problems you’ve already solved.