17 Reasons To Study Abroad In South Korea

If you ever considered going to South Korea, you might as well order your plane ticket right now because by the end of this list, you’ll be boarding your flight.

1. It’s like New York…But with faster Internet

The city is more laid back you get faster Internet which means insane download, upload and loading speeds. Plus there are Wifi hot-spots literally everywhere so you can roam without using much data.

2. The food is bomb

Common it doesn’t get better than Korean BBQ. Or that one thing that looks really good. Or that other thing that looks even better. Or this other one that I don’t even know what it is but it’s melting in my mouth like a small fluffy cloud.

3. Korean Girls

Okay it might not be exactly like this but it’s pretty dang close. Can’t a guy have dreams? The girls in Korea do like to take care of themselves though so they’re definitely out there.

4. Korean Guys

Even the guys in Korea look damn good and that is coming form a dude. They certainly have a good sense of fashion and dressing in your pajamas with flip flops is generally frowned upon.

5. Dating in Korea

Dating is a total blast in Korea because the entire society is set up around couples. There are so many different ways to explore that aspect. To put it simply the entire city of Seoul is built around that.

6. K-Drama

You thought American drama was good? Well think again because Korean dramas take it to the next level and they keep things tense so much that your eyes will be surgically attached to the TV because you won’t want to stop for a second.

7. K-Pop

Koreans take Pop to a whole new level. Their production value is so much more complex and interesting. They’re hooks and rap sound like it’s straight from underground and choreography has so much swagger.

8. No ‘last call’

If you go out for the night to have some fun, the ‘last call’ at 4 AM won’t stop you from getting hammered some more and finish that amazing BBQ. By the way, you don’t need a designated driver either because the transportation rocks.

9. Transportation

Speaking of rocks and transportation, it’s pretty great in Korea. Just like in most Asia, subways and busses are a lot more efficient and get you around. This is especially great because you can spend more time with friends instead of focusing on the road.

10. Concerts

Yeah these can get pretty crazy too and Koreans really love to sing and chant along with their favorite songs. When Gangnam Style blew up, literally every single person in the arena was rapping with Psy. It’s a must see and a must experience.

11. It’s beautiful

The nature around Seoul and just in South Korea is absolutely amazing and there are some really interesting places to go and some really cool mountains to hike.

12. It’s cheap


The food is cheap. So are clothes and transportation as well including busses, trains and taxis. Rent is almost twice as low as back home. One example is that university housing in US is around $3,000-5,000 per semester. In Korea it’s around $1,500. Win.

13. It’s literally like Yin and Yang

Have you ever come face to face with real Communism? Now you can. North and South are literally polar opposites. Now you can also have a fun conversation with your grandparents about it and have street creed in their heart.

14. Comedy shows are awesome

If you have not heard of Running Man or Infinite Challenge by now, you are definitely missing out. When it comes to Korea, their comedy largely revolves around challenges and really odd ones at that. So after a long day at work, just kick back and enjoy something only Adventure Time can top.

 15. The surrounding countries

Traveling around South Korea is as good or even better. You can go to Thailand where you can eat under $1 like a king. You can go to Philippines and scuba dive to see some of the most beautiful sights. You can take a short flight to Japan and finally meet Naruto. Just kidding that last one won’t happen but we can all dream, can’t we?

16. Random celebrations

The holidays are different so you can just wake up one morning and hey, it’s a holiday. Celebrating something new is always fun and exciting; especially with a good group of friends or that special someone.

17. They love foreigners


Last but not least is that Koreans absolutely love foreigners. They’re curious about you, where you come from and how you ended up here. Of course you can tell them that you read this article hint hint. But of all the Asian countries and cultures, Koreans seem to be the most extroverted so that means that conversations and encounters are more often and flow quite well also.

Those are the 17 reasons to study abroad in Korea. Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do you have other reason that you want to add or something from personal experience? Leave a comment below and we’ll respond!