What I Wish I Knew Before Going To George Mason University

Whether you are considering going to Mason after high school or NOVA, this is the list of 7 things I wish I knew before making the next step

gmu 2

1. Going to Club Day at the beginning of the semester

The Club Day at GMU one of the best ways to get involved in the social life at Mason and meet some really awesome people. The biggest problem is that it’s easily missed because it’s only one day for a fairly short time and not heavily advertised prior so peel your eyes open at the beginning of the semester for those posters or ask at the info desk about it.

Side Note: One of the best clubs I joined was Salsa dancing. It was literally one of the biggest amounts of fun I had. Give it a try if you can 🙂

2. Rushing for the fraternities or sororities

You can actually meet qutie a few frats and sororities if you go to the Club Day where they will be actively recruiting. Rushing in itself is a ton of fun and again can be easily missed because you’re getting used to all the other new stuff, have homework or other jobs so it’s easy to forget BUT don’t make excuses for yourself and give one or two of them a try and have some fun.

3. Looking into studying abroad

Studying abroad is probably one of the biggest hidden perks of going to Mason and such a small amount of people actually know about it. DID YOU KNOW that you can literally go study in any country around the globe and pay the same tuition as Mason??

Yep, if you count Housing + Tuition = $10,000 (roughly). Now for that same amount you can go study abroad and have the time of your life on a different part of the planet! Housing and food can be considerably cheaper depending on which country you go to as well so keep that in mind.

4. GMU Job Fair

The Job Fair at Mason is a HUGE opportunity to get a high paying summer internship or a full time job if you’re getting ready to graduate. Mason Job Fair is only two days and happens once per semester so ask at the info desk about date. Keep in mind most companies that come to this fair and pay the highest salaries are in fields of IT, Computer Science, Engineering, and Accounting.

Side Note: I was able to get a $20/hr summer internship in marketing with General Dynamics by going to the fair so I definitely recommend attending.

5. Resume Clinic to pimp you out

Making your resume look legit is very useful before you go the Job Fair so I would strongly recommend scheduling an appointment. It’s free and takes about 30 minutes. Plus it will give you good feedback and can help you make your resume a total bomb.

6. Parking is a disaster

Even though GMU has plenty of lots, they are also plenty full unless you pay for the garage but that’s more money out of your pocket. From my experience, Lot C is by far the one where you can always find a parking spot even if you don’t arrive early in the morning.

Take advantage of that and get your parking prices.

7. Classes are much harder than high school or NOVA

Lastly yes, the classes are about 40% more difficult along with the load and amount of time you legitimately have to study to get an A. In high school and at NOVA, I got A’s with fairly minimal effort but at Mason the ball game is a lot more hectic so DON’T UNDERESTIMATE.

Tackle the first semester hard and you’ll be fine from then on.
So those are the 7 things I wish I knew before going to George Mason. Do you agree, disagree or have other personal opinions you want to add? Share them in the comments below.