5 Stages Of Studying Abroad That Everyone Goes Through

If you are thinking about going abroad for a semester or a year, then these 5 stages are crucial to know before you go.

The biggest reason why theses stages are extremely important to know is because everyone goes through them. This is especially true if you are going to a country where English is not the main language. Those countries usually have a large communication gap due to the langue barriers. So most people end up going through these 5 stages which I refer to as the bachelor’s party. If you actually know what to expect, then your ride abroad will go much more smooth. Having that said, let’s dive into the first stage.

Stage 1: The Honeymoon


Alright so you feel awesome. You are experiencing all these new and interesting things. You are going out, meeting cool people and using your limited knowledge of the language to impress every person you meet. Ride this wave as long as you can.

Stage 2: The Confusion


Here is where you start to feel like “Dang, I feel kind of lost and a bit like I don’t belong here.” Many times, there begins this aspect where you feel more tired, like you don’t want to communicate in that other cool language as much; which all brings us to the next stage.

Stage 3: The Isolation


Now you really don’t feel like communicating anymore and just want to stay in your room to binge Netflix or YouTube videos. You’re burned out and just don’t know why. This is all very normal because your body and mind can only take so much of a new environment before you need to recharge your batteries.

In order to fight this, force yourself to go out and say ‘yes’ to every call to hang with people. Just get a breather and maybe try something new or relaxing to be you again.

Stage 4: The Homesick Feeling


Yeah this happens also around the same stage as isolation. Suddenly you feel homesick like you just want to forget about this awesome place that doesn’t feel so awesome anymore. You just want to be back in your old room with your family and maybe your old friends. It’s totally fine to feel this.

To deal with this one, just call and Skype your family and friends frequently. Maybe once a month or twice a week; it’s completely up to you but don’t lose that connection by isolating yourself. Also remember like in stage three, just go out and do something different to recharge your batteries and feel that spark again when you find something new.

Stage 5: The Everyone is Awesome Again Feeling


Okay so did you really go out and find something new? If you followed all the steps to deal with the isolation and homesickness then everything becomes awesome again. You realize that it’s no so bad after all. The friends that you made are really cool. The food is tasty. The atmosphere is exhilarating and you feel like going on an adventure! You are riding the wave again, so surf that bad boy as long as you can because once you step on that plane to leave, it is going to be saddest moment of your life.

This concludes the five stages that most people go through when you study abroad. Do you agree or disagree with this list or did you go through a different variation of the stages? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll actually reply!