6 Ways To Pay For College

This is the million dollar question that is always racing through every student’s mind. Take a deep breath. Relax. Race no more and read on.

1. Community college, then university

Since community college is almost a third of the university cost, go there first to get your associates degree. Four classes at a community college are roughly around $1,800 vs $5,600 at a four year university (not including housing or food), therefore community college is the way to go. Also it’s a good way to figure out what subject you are interested in without spending the big university dollars.

Side Note: While attending community college, I changed my major three times before I finally landed on marketing and I’ve never looked back since. Just find a degree that interests you and makes good money. Here’s a list of highest paying graduate degrees to help you get a better idea.

2. Applying for scholarships the right way

Instead of applying for the big scholarships that insanely difficult to get, apply for the small ones in high volume. This is the most important thing to getting free money. Unigo is bomb when it comes to scholarships so use that to your advantage.

3. Work smart, not hard

Saving up for college is another way, but you have to be smart about that. This means not grinding long hours but finding jobs that pay you the most money per hour. Check out 5 top-paying jobs for college students and the best weekday job to have in college for some good options. The rest depends on your class schedule and availability.

4. Financial grants if applicable

If you go to FAFSA you can fill out a form to determine if you can get grants from our wonderful government. If you do, then the road ahead will be extremely smooth. Just be sure to keep your GPA above 3.0 otherwise you lose the aid.

5. Take loans if all else fails

Student loans are the other option if you did not get grants. You still have to fill out the same FAFSA form, which will then let you know how much you can borrow. Loans are not that bad if you get a good degree that pays well after graduation. Plus it can also help your credit score. Just make sure you only borrow what you absolutely need.

6. Support from the family as a last result

As an absolute last result, you can ask your family for some help if it’s available. Some people have wealthy uncles, aunts or grandparents and of course your parents too. It all depends on your situation. You can pay them back as well so it would be a little better because there is no interest or sometimes your parents really do want to help you so talk to them about it.

Those are the six main ways to pay for college. Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do you have any other suggestions that you would like to add? Let us know in the comments and we’ll respond!