5 Reasons Why Community College Is Like Prison

There are a lot of benefits of going to Community College, but the whole time you’re there you can’t shake the feeling that it’s a lot like being in prison.

You’ll Quickly Realize You’ve Made A Huge Mistake

It seemed like such a great idea when you were going on the tours and reading the pamphlets but now that you’ve registered for classes you suddenly feel like you’ve made a huge mistake.

Everyone Has A Story Explaining How They Ended Up There

You have the people who are going back to school, the people who are trying to save money and dozens of other stories explaining why they are going to community college instead of a four year University.

People Are Always Asking You “How Much Longer You Got?” and “When Are You Getting Out?”

From the moment that you start taking classes people are already asking you how many more semesters/credits you need to graduate or transfer. The only thing anyone can think about while they are there is how soon they can leave.

A Few People Keep Talking About Leaving…..But Never Do

When you ask them when they are leaving they keep telling that this their “last semester”, but you always see them the following semester and the one after that and the one after that……

If You Ever Come Back People Will Freak Out And Ask “What The Heck Happened!?!”

You can’t even come back for a visit without someone freaking out and thinking that something has gone horriably wrong that has forced you to return to community college.