10 Studying Tips To Study More Effectively

Whether you are cramming for finals or just getting started with the semester, these ten tips will solidify your studying act

1. Don’t stay up


Staying up to study is a typical mistake that most students end up making. The thought process is that “If I just grind enough and focus enough, I’ll be able to cram enough knowledge in my head to pass the test.” That sounds reasonable but as you progress throughout the day, your brain begins to function less and the amount of effort it takes for you to get work done increases exponentially. So instead of doing that, work in the morning.

2. Work in the morning

When you wake up, your brain is sharp and ready to get the most possible work done. As stated in The Harvard Review, the productivity of each individual is the highest in the morning and substantially declines as the day goes on. So plan to do only four hours of serious study per day. The earlier you wake up, the better. Also use the Sleep Cycle app to help you regulate your sleep and wake up more peacefully.

3. Prioritize your needs

Make a To Do List and figure out the most crucial tasks that you need to achieve for a particular day. Ask yourself ‘If I only get one thing done today, what would it be?’ Then focus and get it done.

4. Start with small assignments first

Before you tackle the really big project that seems scary, warm up with a few smaller tasks that get you in the work mode. It’s very effective and similar to what athletes do. You can can’t run the 100 meter dash without stretching right? So stretch out by doing a few minor tasks first.

5. Listen to study music to help you focus

This is a really big one because if you listen to things like alpha waves music, it will help put you in a zen-like state where you can have better focus. Also, believe it or not, video game music is a fantastic choice to help you study as well. Plus all the different composers make a great playlist to listen to while doing anything else.

6. Use small rewards as incentives

When you have worked for an hour or so, take a break and give yourself a small reward. Some options can be things like candy or placing an ice pack over your eyes to just shutting your brain down for a while. Another popular choice is playing video games, but if you go this route, be sure to do it in small increments, otherwise it can become a bad addiction.

7. Realize when you burn out

When you’ve been working for three, four or even five hours at a time, you sometimes tend to just continue working. When you do that, you are also building up your stress level and it becomes more difficult to work. At that point your productivity substantially declines so realize that you’re burning out and call it a day.

8. Go for a run to recharge

At the end of your hard studies, it’s always a good idea to do something physical like going out for a run or hitting the gym for an hour or so to unwind and do something besides hardcore thinking and memorizing. Work out your body and don’t skip leg day. Also if you want more tips on dealing with stress, read this.

9. Don’t study with your friends

This is a big mistake that most students make. When you study with your friends, your productivity plummets to the ground. There are usually more distractions and chatter than actual productivity and work. So just set specific time for studying and specific time for having out and having fun with your friends, but don’t mix the two up.

10. Don’t multitask

Last but not least is multitasking. Contrary to what other people might think, multitasking substantially decreases your productivity. If you focus on doing two tasks at the same time, you will be doing both of them inefficiently. Our brains are not built to be able to give full undivided attention to two things at the same time. So give your full focus to one task and you will get it done faster and be able to then focus on the other.

This concludes to list of top ten studying tips to help you study more effectively. Do you agree or disagree with these tips? Do you have tips of your own that you would like to share? Leave a comment below and we will respond.