Things to Expect When You Go Home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. One week to just sit back and relax. You get to do laundry and eat for free, sleep in your own bed, and see people you haven’t seen since summer. Sounds awesome, right? Before you get all excited, there are some things you should probably expect.

Some Professors Don’t Understand the Meaning of “Break”

Okay, this one is an exaggeration. But it was funny, huh? Anyway, there’s a chance you will have some homework and studying to do over break. It’s not the professor’s fault. There are certain things they have to teach during the semester, whether it be through the school’s standards or accreditation standards, and that may require work to be done over Thanksgiving break. So, unfortunately for you, it won’t all be family time, shopping, and turning up with your high school friends. Speaking of…

Everybody Will Want to Know How College is Going

This is the one thing that gets worse as time goes by. When you’re a freshman, the questions are more innocent but the further you get into your college career, the more detailed the questions get. From “How’s your first semester?” to “What are your plans for after college?” Even if you’re a freshman, there’s that person you’re related to that is super interested in your college experience. This only becomes worse if you’re a freshman who’s undeclared. When the questions start coming in, you just wish you had a bigger glass of wine.

Your Friends Are Already Different

It’s hard to grasp that your friends have already changed after only a few months but think about it: you’re no longer living with your parents, you’re surrounded by different people, you no longer follow a strict schedule, and you’ve more than likely experienced the party culture at least once. Your friends have been going through the same thing. Your “popular” friends will have been knocked down a peg or two. Your “smart” friends have met people just as smart, if not smarter than they are. Some of your friends may be more dedicated to schoolwork. Some of your friends may be super into alcohol or drugs. Even if they “revert” to their high school selves, they’re not the same.

You Missed Things You Didn’t Think You Would Miss

Home cooking, your own room, a comfortable bed, faster internet, temperature control, spending money, sleeping in, and a sense of familiarity. When you go off to college, it’s easy to forget about these things. It’s only when you’ve been at school for a few weeks, it begins to feel like something’s missing. Then, you get home for break and you’re like “So that’s what was missing?” Once you figure it out, returning to school becomes harder.

All Motivation Will Leave You

Remember what I said about having to do homework and studying over the break? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. You can try but you’ll always find an excuse. You’ll spend your time sleeping in, helping out with Thanksgiving, spending time with family, hanging with friends, and anything but do schoolwork. You won’t crack open your textbook until Sunday night and put yourself through more stress than if you had just found the motivation. But isn’t ignoring school what Thanksgiving break is all about?