5 Ways Studying Abroad Can Change Your Life

If you are in college or high school and are considering studying abroad, these are the 5 ways it can be mind-blowing.

1. You will become Indiana Jones

Becoming Indiana AKA stepping out of your comfort zone is very important to be able to adapt in many different ways. This includes jobs, friends, different locations and even relationships. Stepping out of your comfort zone is also really fun because you can steer away from what you normally do and try something new.

Side Note: Two examples of how I stepped out of my comfort zone were learning how to breathe fire and trying this AMAZING Korean food with my friend Jay (always get someone native to be your guide) which just took my taste buds on a blazing journey across space and time.

2. You will make some incredible friends

Yes when you study abroad, you will meet some of the most interesting people whether they are natives from your hosting university or are other strange and incredibly awesome people like you who dared to do something different. Befriend everyone you meet, never say ‘no’ to an adventure or going out and you’ll have fun.

3. You will learn another language

Whether you are going abroad to actually study another language or just to take some classes in English, you will still be immersed in the country’s language which is means you can still become fluent in as little as 6 months.

Just interact more with natives than you would with foreigners so you are forced to learn and use your country’s language more than your own.

4. You will be living with international roommates

If you are commuting to school, then you will finally be living away from home and if are already living in a dorm, you’ll be taking it to the next level in a foreign setting with either foreigners or natives. It’s a lot more interesting with even things like asking for a tooth brush because you have no idea how. It all comes back to stepping out of your comfort zone fellas and trying something different.

5. Your relationships and dates will be more fun

Saving the best for last is dating. Can’t tell you how incredibly awesome is this one. You can date some of the most beautiful and interesting people abroad and have a total blast with it. You’ll automatically be more interesting since you are “not from around here” and most likely you will get a lot more action than you did at home. Just keep it playful and casual. You can also read these 10 dating tips to help you solidify your game.

So these are the 5 ways studying abroad can change your life. Do you agree or disagree with this list or have other ideas? Leave a comment for us and we’ll respond!