5 Ways To Pay For Studying Abroad And Live Your Dream

If you think that going abroad is impossible, think again because there is a plethora of ways to make your dream-getaway come true.


So first of all, this could be you. Yeah about to go on a petite aquatic adventure somewhere in the Philippines or the Mediterranean, having the time of your life (while studying of course). Just kidding! Who actually studies, right? The point is that studying abroad can be the time of your life so don’t miss out on it with lame excuses.

Fact: Studying abroad can literally cost just as much as going to a basic state university or even less than that depending on where you go.

Typically, Asia will cost you a little less and Europe a little more. You can have your petite aquatic adventures in either place so here is how to finance it.

1. Scholarships


The secret to scholarships is fairly simple. Don’t apply for the big baller ones but rather the small ones and stack them up. The larger scholarships that offer huge amounts of money (i.e. Gilman’s Scholarship = $20,000) are extremely competitive and there are usually only a one or two that are given out. Instead of doing that, apply for the smaller ones because there are considerably more of them. They also have less competition and honestly with more than half as long as you apply, you’ll get it.

Go Overseas is a great resource to use. Also check with your university and study abroad office for the local scoop or specific scholarships only available in your university.

Side Note: I was able to get a $2,000 scholarship from my school (George Mason University) just by asking the study abroad office and applying. Not that difficult right?

2. Saving up


If scholarships are not enough then you can save up money by stacking high paying jobs with school to make ends meet. It’s very due-able and many people take that route. The key to all this is to find the highest paying jobs in college that work best with your schedule. There are plenty of options and if you have determination, then sky is your limit.

3. Grants


This is basically free money that our lovely government will give you if you qualify. You can fill out the FAFSA form for that to see if you’re lucky enough. If you are, you pretty much get studying abroad paid for and the rest of your college as well. Just stay above 3.0 GPA and you’ll be fulfilling your dreams in no time.

4. Student Loans


If you filled out the FAFSA form and did not get that free money, then the other option that you have is to take out student loans. This one might seem scary and many people may caution you against it but it’s honestly very manageable. Just make sure you get a degree that actually gives you skill rather than some useless diploma in liberal arts.

Side Note: I’ve personally taken out loans from my school and the maximum amount that I will have by the time I graduate is roughly $18,000 (keep in mind that I grind like no tomorrow when it comes to work and jobs). This is actually very easy to pay off because once I graduate with my bachelor’s in marketing, I’ll get a job making around $40,000 a year and pay that bad boy off in a heartbeat. So don’t let student loans stop you from living the best moments of your college life. Just be smart about your choices.

5. Family help

As a last resort you can ask your family for some financial help. Sometimes you have wealthy grandparents or uncles and aunts. Sometimes it’s someone else in the family and sometimes all you need to do is just talk to your parents. You can also  try to borrow money and this one is better because there is no interest rate attached to that but just see what is possible and what is not.

Having that said, those are the 5 main ways to pay for studying abroad. Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do you have any other methods that you would like to share? Comment below and we’ll talk!