How to Stop Depression in School, in College and in Your Life

Although this is not the happiest topic to write about and is quite difficult to fully solve, I created a pretty good diagram to tackle this head on. Read this and use this to stop depression not only in school or college but also in your overall life.

I went through a lot of depression when I went abroad. It got really bad when I decided to travel on my own through Thailand. Even though I’m an extrovert and making friends is easy, I got super depressed. As a result I did a lot of analysis on the essence of happiness and what makes us feel complete and not so hollow and dead on the inside. As a result, I’ve created a sure-proof checklist that everyone can use.

Read this list very carefully and really think about each one.  Sometimes it’s easy to shrug off one or two of these items. But if you do that then, you could just be closing yourself up to your own solution. The list goes as follows: family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, job, hobbies, work out/eat healthy, sleep, and religion/meditation. When I was re-evaluating my life, I found that all of these eight things are extremely important to staying happy, feeling complete and having a strong purpose in your life.

So again read these and think about each one very carefully. Ask yourself: ‘Am I really on the best terms with my parents and siblings?’ ‘Am I holding something back or not sharing a certain part of my life with them and why?’ ‘Is it really that big of a deal than I make it out to be?’ Ponder about some of these, keep an open mind when you’re reading this and without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Family

Family is first in line and is one of the core foundations of peace and happiness in your life. Maybe you could be good with your Dad but not your Mom or vice verse. Or maybe you fight a lot with your siblings. Maybe there are tensions with uncles, aunts and so forth. Perhaps you seem totally fine with your family members but you live a secrete life that you do not tell them about. Or there is some part of your life that you do not want them to know about or you have closed off a part of yourself to them.

The reason why I write about these is because I was closed off to my Mom in particular for quite a while. There were also other problems in my family that were kind of placed in the back because no one wanted to bring them up. Everyone had their own problem and no one wanted to work on them to improve and so there was a lot of negativity unhappiness at times.

When I looked back at the issue as a whole with an open mind, I realized that each person did not want to improve their problem because the other person did not want to improve theirs. So I started with myself and did everything that I could to start improving the others as well.

What happened? I talked with everyone separately about their problems and what they wanted. Everyone is now working and getting better with their own thing and it feels like there is a lot more progress happening. As a result, everyone feels more happy and they are just on a road to improvement. That could be a big part of your depression because your family is one of the biggest cores in your life.

This example might not be exactly what is going on in your life, but it is a situation that I figured out through me re-evaluating my family situation. So think about your situation and think about what you can do to improve it.

2. Friends

Your friends are a huge source of your happiness and stability. The biggest thing is having friends that are totally open to talking with you about anything and do not hold back on what they are thinking as well as carrying about you and how you feel.

You might not find the perfect friend but having someone that has similar values to you is very important. For example, I think right now I only have three very good friends. They are people that are very genuine, I can talk to them about anything and spill my emotions and their values are (for the most part) close to mine.

If you can spill your thoughts and emotions to your friends AND you genuinely care about them as well and they can spill theirs back at you, then you will be so much more stable and happy. This can help you get rid of depression quite a bit.

3. Girlfriend/boyfriend

One of the best things along having a group of good friends is having a girlfriend or boyfriend (f you’re a lady) that is there for you and is there to blow your mind. I think this is one of the biggest factors that will help you get out of depression. I was super depressed and it got really bad during the night as well.

This changed though when I got into a relationship with a pretty amazing girl. Her personality was similar to mine and she would always cheer me up when I was down. I also  tried to do the same for her all the time. So we balanced each other out and my depression pretty much completely went away.

I think just having that person that you can constantly share everything with is the best part to being happy and not bottling all your emotions and instability up. The conclusion is find someone that blows your mind and someone that can be a great friend along with a great love in your life.

4. Job

Your job needs to be something that you are actually passionate about. It doesn’t have to be the greatest thing in the world, but it ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be something that you are not happy with. THINK about this and ask yourself: ‘Am I happy at my job?’ If the answer is ‘no’ then figure out why. Then figure out what you are interested in doing and then figure out a way to do it.

Find the job and work towards the position that will make you feel important. Make sure this position and job will make you happy and be sure that it gives you a sense of achievement or peace (if that is what your’e looking for). Overall if your job is awesome, then your level of happiness goes up and depression goes down.

If you think about it also, if your’e surrounded by positive hardworking and happy people, then the odds are, they will probably start to rub off on you and might start being also all of those things. It is also a great fact that we are social beings and talking to people can make you more happy and fulfilled in life. Because let’s face it, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we are social beings at heart. Being social and doing what you love is a great healer to your problem with depression.

Also when you’re in college, you can still find a part-time job that you actually enjoy. I did. It just took a lot of hopping around and figuring out what I loved. The rest of the advice about work is associated with post grad which is equally (if not more) important.

5. Hobbies/passions

You need to have hobbies or just something that you’re really passionate about. If you don’t have hobbies or don’t know where to start, just think about what are some things that interested you. Then begin to try out different things little by little and see what you like.

This may not happen overnight as when you’re depressed, it may take time to figure out what you used to love or the kind of tastes that you currently have or are developing.

For example, I am really passionate about producing content. I started out by producing videos. Then I transitioned to making music videos and then I started learning how to make music. Now I rap, make music and make music videos. Not to mention I am also now learning how to sing. On another side note, I am really interested in podcasts because they spread ideas and help me learn a lot more. Plus now I am really into personal development and health so I have started to figure out my strengths and weaknesses while also working out at the gym.

All of these things are stimulating me and they will do the same for you once you figure out what they are. These in turn will make life more interesting and fascinating. They could be the difference between you dreading to wake up the next morning or looking forward to it so much that you can barely sleep. Which would you prefer? *Hint hint ;)*

6. Work out/eat healthy

You need to work out for one simple fact. When you get your heart racing around 140 BPM (beats per minute) your body releases dopamine and you feel good. You can literally flush the depression out of your body by sweating. Plus hey you get that tiny bonus of actually getting stronger, looking better in that tank top or that hoodie because you chest is bigger. Maybe you just lost weight and that t-shirt looks phenomenal on you and more people turn their heads as you walk past them.

Quick sorry. My friend started to work out and after doing it consistently for about six months, now girls start to give him so much more attention. He looks more fresh. He dresses better and has a better haircut. Of course he has more muscle now so girls are naturally drawn to him because he looks like a strong alpha male and girls want a guy that looks strong like he’s a champion and a leader.

For the ladies, it’s a bit different but also the same. When you work out and have a great body, guys will definitely without a doubt notice you more. You will also feel better about yourself and you will know for fact that you are a hot catch and that not only helps you destroy depression but boosts your confidence and ambition towards the stars. And that is exactly where we want you to be!

7. Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors. When you sleep in a wake up in the morning fully rested, damn you just feel so good and happy. Whereas if you only got like six or four hours of sleep, then you feel like crap. You are more productive in any case when you get from 8-10 hours of sleep ever day. Not to mention that you are a lot more happier and that is crucial.

Overal, figure out what you need to do to go to sleep on time to get at LEAST eight hours of that quality beauty sleep that will make you shine. Trust me when I say this that it can do miracles. It did for me because I felt so much more rested and happy every day that I slept in or went to be earlier to get my quality sleep. I actually talked to my boss to come to work later so that I could sleep longer and I did not regret it one bit.

Figure out how to do it in your situation and make that better change happen.

8. Religion/meditation

You need to have a higher purpose than yourself. That is where religion comes in. I think religion is the harmony in my life. If you are not religions, it’s fine but to me, it si something that tells me that there is a life after this one. It also makes more sense of the world and gives me a concrete pillar to stand on when I am making my decisions in life.

I might not understand everything perfectly about Christianity (in my case) but it is something  that has shaped the person that I was the person that I am becoming  as I continue to develop.

Meditation is also important because it will help you get a better sense of inner peace. It will also help you shut down your thoughts and that would absolutely include thoughts of depression. It can be a great healer if you are consistent and dedicated to it. Plus yo can learn to love it as it brings you peace to mind.

This is all I have. I really hope that this list of eight pillars will help you fight through your depression as it did for me. It’s a long journey and change does not happen overnight. The the one thing that can happen overnight and as you are reading this is the change within your mind to starting working on all of the things that I have mentioned.

Take action. Take that action NOW.