College Mastermind GPA Calculator

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Why this GPA Calculator?

This is the College Mastermind GPA Calculator. The purpose is to calculate your GPA based on how many credits you are taking and what grade you receive in each class. This GPA calculator has an edge over the others because it has more options to calculate your GPA. It is also easier to use.

Unlike most calculators, you do not need to enter your Total Credits Taken and your Current GPA. That is optional. Therefore you can calculate your GPA much faster without the hassle to quickly see where you stand. However if you know your Total Credits Taken and your Current GPA you can get a more accurate estimate.

2 Ways to Use this GPA Calculator

Way 1. The first way is to enter the Total Credits Taken, then enter your Current GPA and finally, select the number of credits for each class and the grade you expect to earn. Note if you do it this way, you must enter both Total Credits Taken and Current GPA. Not one or the other.

Way 2. The second way is to skip Total Credits Taken as well as your Current GPA and just enter the classes that you are taking as well as the grades you expect to receive.