Ultimate College Packing List

college mastermind

 The road to college is super exciting, at least up to the point where you have to start packing. What should I bring? Can I survive on the bare necessities? Is there a magic number of packing boxes I need? Never fear! College Mastermind is here with the Ultimate College Packing List! We compiled a huge list of thing you may want to consider packing for college. If you’re anything like us, you may never need 50% of the stuff on this list. Whatever you decide to bring is your choice. The list is just here to give you some ideas and save you the mental pain and anguish that comes with considering every possible scenario for every item. Just use your best judgement.






Personal Care & Grooming

Kitchen & Dining

Storage & Organization

Laundry & Cleaning

Room Decor

Desk Organization


Survival Kit

* Check to see if this is permitted and/or provided