Our History

College mastermind was formed out of the synchronistic collaboration of master educators, college admissions specialists, and diplomatic leaders. 

All of our founding members have lived and studied in the US and abroad for multiple years, and have learned the value and challenges of an international education. Our aim is to place students in a way that ensures their success, so that they can gain the valuable experience and the life-changing results of an overseas education.

Meet our CEO

Waleed Alzahrani has started and runs a large number of small and large businesses across the United States and abroad. He is a natural businessman who has knowledge, experience, and wisdom when it comes to running a successful business. The businesses he leads thrive and build jobs for others, while expertly satisfying the wants and needs of his customers.

His way of business is both pragmatic and unlimited. Where others see problems, he sees solutions, while remaining firmly planted in logic and reason when making business decisions. His ability to think about the larger picture and envision an expanding business model creates a thriving company that grows to employ more people and support more customers.

Our Mission

The US admissions process can be both confusing and complicated for students who do not know what is required or expected.

Simple Process

We simplify the application and admissions process for students, increasing the number of students who are accepted to universities abroad. By having support and guidance with university admissions, our students have a higher likelihood of attending a great university that is a good match for them!

Highest Potential

Because students are well-matched using our proprietary system, their opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed increases. Our students are placed in schools that will help them achieve their career goals, while contributing more to our world!

Future Leaders

An overseas education is obtained by 60% of our world leaders!
Exposure to diverse people, cultures, and ways of thinking helps develop the mature perspective that a leader requires. When students work with us, they take the first step towards a thriving future.

The College Mastermind Difference

Mastermind has a proprietary matching system that helps students apply to highly ranked universities, and get in! Our application admissions services are exceptional, and we have an exclusive partnership with universities and standardized test preparation specialists. Our clients benefit from the personalized approaches and attention they receive in both private and group sessions. The thing that truly sets us above is the principles and core values this company was founded upon.

We have structured every program and have trained every team member to govern all of their thoughts, behaviors, and decisions around these principles:


We take responsibility for humankind reaching its highest potential. We live our principles so deeply that we can’t help but do good.


We tell everyone the 100% truth. Our students’ work is their own, and we help them find appropriate schools for their abilities.


We protect everyone involved, and we do what’s right. For our students. For our partners. For our employees. (Even if it hurts our bottomline).


We know that the course of a life can dramatically change through a single interaction. We make sure what we do with our students is unique and sophisticated to achieve maximum impact.

“During the start of the college application process, I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to write my essays about. However, working with College Mastermind made the whole process much more manageable and less stressful through discussions about my options, knowledgeable advice, and insightful development of my ideas. My mentor allowed me to determine what I truly wanted in a college and what I wanted colleges to see in me through my applications. My test prep tutor helped me raise my ACT score 8 points. My essay specialist was able to help me pick essay topics I am passionate about and use them to highlight the best aspects of myself. From brainstorming to finalized, grammatically correct essays, she was there to give me guidance and much needed input. Due to the well developed essays and meaningful conversations I had with my mentor, I ended up at Boston College and love it so far! I truly do not think I could have made it here without the help of College Mastermind and my prep team!”