College Mastermind has successfully guided thousands of families through the college admissions process. Our expertise lies in helping students secure admissions into their reach colleges, including the most selective universities in the United States.

Our Mission

College admissions can be complicated. Our mission is to simplify the process, while delivering the highest results possible!

Simple Process

With personalized support, we simplify the admissions process, empowering students to achieve academic goals effortlessly, yielding better results and less stress.

Highest Potential

Believers in every student’s potential, our expert team and university partnerships unlock unparalleled opportunities, nurturing academic excellence and future success.

Future Leaders

Committed to nurturing future global leaders, we guide students on their educational journey, empowering them to be confident, ethical, and innovative while along the way.

The College Mastermind Difference

We Go Beyond

We prioritize students’ long-term success and empower them to achieve life-changing results through transformative experiences.

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Core Values


Your 650-word essay showcases your personality, beliefs, and experiences, serving as a powerful tool to boost acceptance rates and scholarships.


We make thoughtful and fair decisions to build respect and trust, fostering strong and lasting relationships with clients and partners.


We prioritize transparency, providing clear, honest information to clients and partners, while openly discussing our services, fees, and capabilities.


Driven by a passion for positive impact, we help students achieve academic and personal goals, empowering them to make beneficial decisions.

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Our Leaders

Waleed Alzahrani

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Waleed Alzahrani stands at the helm of our organization as a seasoned CEO of several successful businesses, distinguished researcher, and visionary entrepreneur. With his astute guidance, pragmatic approach, and unyielding commitment to innovation, College Mastermind emerged as a dynamic and revolutionary company, redefining the landscape of education, college admissions, and personal development.

With an MD from Harvard Medical School, a PhD in Health Science, Master’s Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, a second Master’s Degree from Georgia State University, and 2 undergraduate degrees, Dr. Alzahrani is no stranger to the rigors of education. His academic journey led him to a career in medicine and medical research specializing in rare cases. His academic background, combined with his natural business acumen, has enabled him to lead a wide range of successful businesses, including a prominent medical research and consulting firm.From there he forayed into a thriving business career, with large national companies specializing in medical research, consulting, and pharmaceutical and medical equipment testing. His medical companies have grown immensely under his expert guidance and have resulted in thriving relationships with key individuals working with C.D.C., W.H.O., N.I.H, and the U.N.Dr. Alzahrani has made a significant impact on the communities that he is involved with. From a young age, he was passionate about the role that businesses play in serving communities, and this interest led him to pursue a career in business and entrepreneurship. His approach to business is founded on honor, integrity, and a strong sense of pragmatism. He sees problems as opportunities for creative solutions and approaches challenges with logic, reason, and compassion. His aim is to create a culture that strives to achieve betterment of societies, encouraging and facilitating adults to pursue careers in STEM and Business.His goal is always to provide jobs for countless individuals, while expertly satisfying the wants and needs of both customers and employees. He is an expert in creating thriving businesses that support their employees, customers, and communities alike. His natural skills as a businessman, combined with his knowledge, experience, and wisdom, have made him an invaluable asset to the business world.In the Middle East, Waleed has substantial investments within the oil, energy, and technology sectors. His royal lineage and deep-rooted diplomatic family connections bolster his capacity for establishing valuable relationships and foster enduring partnerships.While Waleed’s list of accomplishments is extensive, it’s his exceptional character, unwavering integrity, and commitment to honor and family values that truly set him apart. His leadership, strength, and guidance position College Mastermind as one of the fastest-growing admissions companies in the United States. Our dedicated team continually strives to meet his exacting standards, creating exceptional products and delivering outstanding results.

Erin Donovan

Chief Operating Officer and College Advisor

As a lifelong educator, Erin has helped thousands of students improve their academics; gain entrance into elite colleges; receive top scholarships; and enter college as confident, self-reliant, and thriving young adults.

Erin’s own educational journey began with a full-ride scholarship to Denison University, where she not only graduated early but also discovered her passion for teaching. She was invited to apply to Teach for America, where she immersed herself in the challenges of inner-city schools in Baltimore City, serving as a full-time math teacher.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Johns Hopkins, she followed her passion for teaching to Portugal, where she worked as a high school math teacher at the American School of Lisbon. During this time, she began tutoring students, preparing them for crucial exams like the SAT and ACT.

Erin’s tutoring initiatives naturally evolved into a comprehensive college admissions company, now comprising a team of dedicated advisors, tutors, mentors, and educators from around the world. Through her extensive research and hands-on experience, Erin has developed college admissions and test prep curriculum that expertly prepare students across the globe for admissions into the most prestigious universities in the United States.

In all her endeavors, Erin seamlessly integrates her passion for learning and her commitment to nurturing confident, well-rounded individuals. She firmly believes that education is the cornerstone of a robust and thriving society, and she is grateful for all of the opportunities she has had to make a positive impact on her students’ lives.

Our Results

Our team members have supported thousands of families through the college admissions process. With successful admissions at Ivy League,
Top Tier, and extremely selective schools, we know what it takes to get you results.

SAT Student from California

Class of 2024


Number of Sessions: 5

Starting Score: 1420

Final Score: 1580

Improvement: 160 points

Score Stats – Top 1%

ACT Student from Ohio

Class of 2023


Number of Sessions: 5

Starting Score: 32

Final Score: 36

Improvement: 4 points

Score Stats – Perfect Score

ACT Student from New York

Class of 2024


Number of sessions: 7

Starting Score: 31

Final Score: 33

Perfect English and Reading

Score Stats – Top 2%

ACT Student from Ohio

Class of 2023


Number of sessions: 6

Starting Score: 29

Final Score: 33

Improvement: 4 points

Score Stats – Top 2%

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We have great team members!



College Mastermind gave me exceptional guidance, support, and personalized attention. I not only successfully navigated the intricate process for college applications but also secured acceptance into my number 1 choice and dream college. I didn’t think I stood a chance because they have only an 8% acceptance rate for out-of-state applicants. My mentor had an incredible wealth of knowledge, providing me with invaluable insights and strategies that significantly enhanced my chances of standing out in the competitive admissions landscape.

From brainstorming impactful essay topics to polishing our personal statements, the program guided me through the entire application process, breaking it down into manageable pieces. The overall curriculum of the program allowed me to complete all of my applications on time for the Early Decision deadline. The private support offered allowed me to dive deeper into getting help for my specific needs.

College Mastermind’s guidance not only helped me strengthen my application but also instilled in me a sense of confidence throughout the admissions process. I am beyond grateful to College Mastermind and my coaches for their unwavering support and their role in helping me secure admission to my top choice college. Their program truly transformed the daunting college application process into a rewarding journey of self-discovery and growth. I recommend it to any student seeking to navigate the complex world of college applications.


“My oldest child had a dream college where she really wanted to go. Unfortunately, her high school GPA was quite a bit lower than necessary so we knew her only hope was a strong ACT score. The first time she took the ACT, like her high school GPA, her ACT score was lower than the range published by her target school. I asked parents with older students in my community if they could recommend someone to work with my daughter. A number of people shared College Mastermind’s contact information with a strong recommendation. The College Mastermind quickly figured out my daughter’s strengths and how to maximize her scores in those subjects. The tutor also taught her test-taking strategies, as well as breathing techniques to address her extreme test-taking anxiety. My daughter ended up reaching her goal score and getting admitted to her first choice college. She has had 2.5 very happy years there and still uses the testing strategies she learned from College Mastermind.”

“Two years later, my son was in a different situation but also needed help with his ACT score. He is a high-achieving student with a very competitive GPA, but he just couldn’t seem to get an ACT score that was on par with his GPA. After taking the test twice, he was stuck at a 32 composite score, but he knew he could do better. I sent Erin his previous scores, and she developed a personalized plan to help him improve in the individual subjects he needed to focus on. Through private sessions and practice tests, she taught him how to understand the test, see patterns in the questions, and pace his time.The tutor also taught him some techniques to help manage the mental challenges that go along with such a stressful, high-pressure situation. The first time he took the test after working with College Mastermind, he scored a perfect 36. After wiping tears of joy, the first person he wanted to call was College Mastermind. He knew that without their coaching, this would not have been possible.”


“During the start of the college application process, I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to write my essays about. However, working with College Mastermind made the whole process much more manageable and less stressful through discussions about my options, knowledgeable advice, and insightful development of my ideas. She allowed me to determine what I truly wanted in a college and what I wanted colleges to see in me through my applications. My mentor was able to help me pick essay topics I am passionate about and use them to highlight the best aspects of myself. From college selection to brainstorming to finalized, grammatically correct essays, my mentor was there to give me guidance and much needed input. Due to the well developed essays and meaningful conversations I had with my essay coach, I ended up at Boston College and love it so far! I truly do not think I could have made it here without the help of College Mastermind!”


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