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General Information 📙

  • University Name : [field id="field_463350a"]
  • Total graduated students : [field id="field_89527e2"]
  • Person's phone number : [field id="field_0966468"]
  • Person's email address : [ field id="field_1a89148"]

Country Expansion 📙

  • Do you wish to expand your university's presence to additional countries by adding your university on additional approved lists? : [field id="name"]
  • If yes, please specify the countries you are interested in from the following options (refer to the email in order to see the countries that have already approved you. Also note that you only pay for results, so you will be invoiced for the service after approval) : [field id="name"]
  • Please list the majors you would like to try to get approved during the process of being added onto the country list (Also note that you only pay for results, so you will be invoiced for the service after approval) : [field id="field_5e89093"]

Major's Expansion 📙

  • Are you interested in adding new majors to the existing lists you are already approved on? : [field id="field_bf2822b"]
  • If your answer is yes, kindly provide specific details regarding the majors you are particularly interested in adding to the approved lists. Alternatively, you may choose to streamline the process by listing all majors offered by your university if you aim to maximize the number of majors approved. If this is the case, you are welcome to provide a URL to a page that contains all of the university's majors. Additionally, please specify the approximate number of majors you aim to have approved, overall. Note that upon receiving this information, in our next meeting, we will inform you of the majors already approved for each country you wish to expand into : [field id="field_004f387"]

Partnership Agreement 📙

  • Are you ready to initiate the partnership agreement phase? : [field id="field_6743620"]
If yes, please specify any specific terms or conditions that you would like to include in the partnership agreement. Note we generally operate on a 10% commission for each of the first two semesters, but if your university has a set structure, then please specify it below :
  • Tuition Fee Undergraduate : [field id="field_06f415e"]
  • Commission Paid per Enrolled Student (Undergraduate) : [field id="field_d4952fd"]
  • Tuition Fee Graduate : [field id="field_e3c1fdc"]
  • Commission Paid per Enrolled Student (Graduate) : [field id="field_ad344f9"]
  • Duration of the Partnership : [field id="field_3b7ddcb"]

Renewal Terms 📙

  • List the conditions under which the partnership can be extended beyond the initial term, and also how the renewal process works for your university : [field id="field_1132d27"]
  • Payment Terms: [field id="field_5c01ddd"]
  • Payment Method: Please Choose One : [field id="field_7f3d1de"]

Approval Process & Criteria 📙

  • Does your university have a specific process already established for approving partnerships? : [field id="field_6c9b4fb"]
If yes, please outline the key steps involved in the approval process and any specific criteria that need to be met. If you have links to forms please attach the URL here or attach documents that need to be completed and send them in an email addressed to both and
  • Does your university have a specific process already established for approving partnerships? : [field id="field_beb321e"]

Academic Qualifications 📙

  • Educational Credentials: What specific educational credentials, such as official transcripts or certificates, are required from international students? : [field id="field_c10aec6"]
  • Grade Point Average (GPA): Could you please clarify the minimum GPA required by the university and the chosen program of study for international student admissions? : [field id="field_d02fa2e"]
  • What are the recognized English language proficiency tests for your university : [field id="field_acc3d2c"]
  • What is the minimum score requirement on the English language proficiency test for international students, and does it vary by program? (Leave blank if no requirement or not accepted) : [field id="field_dddd3b7"]
  • TOEFL : [field id="field_67a2517"
  • IELTS : [field id="field_38574f7"]
  • Duolingo : [field id="field_9b36143"]
  • SAT/ACT : [field id="field_4318dba"]
Check any of the following:
  • ACT : [field id="field_8d8dd1a"]
  • SAT : [field id="field_8d8dd1a"]
  • GRE : [field id="field_d2ecb9a"]
  • MCAT : [field id="field_4566011"]
  • LSAT : [field id="field_63c6a7e"]
  • GMAT : [field id="field_3fc5c61"]
  • Other : [field id="field_7879a8f"]
  • If other please specify : [field id="field_94e565c"]
  • Could you provide any additional information on any of the standardized tests above that may be required for admission to specific programs or general guidelines to help us place students? : [field id="field_ff449db"]
  • Admission Essays or Personal Statements: Do you require international students to submit a personal statement or essay? : [field id="field_70a9340"]
  • If yes, how are these essays helpful for you in terms of international students? Is there any guidance we can give when supporting our students with required essays so that they can demonstrate the things you need to know about them in order to make an informed decision? : [field id="field_1e7e595"]
  • Letters of Recommendation: What is the university's requirement for letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, or professionals for international student applications? : [field id="field_f930be9"]
  • Health Insurance: What is the university's policy regarding health insurance, and what documentation is required for proof of coverage during the academic program? : [field id="field_8f79687"]
  • Please choose the most appropriate answer for your university with regards to interviews : [field id="field_8f79687"]
  • If an interview is part of the admission process, could you please provide details on the format and specific preparation requirements for international students? As we aim to support students in their interview preparation, clear guidance on what you are looking for in the interview would be highly beneficial for us [field id="field_e869682"]

Maximum Student Placement 📙

  • What is the maximum number of students your university can accommodate for placement per year? : [field id="field_58229c1"]
  • Specify the maximum cutoff number undergraduate : [field id="field_959082f"]
  • Specify the maximum cutoff number graduate (0 if no graduate programs) : [field id="field_5eb2368"]
  • Timeline for Placement: When are you targeting beginning placement? : [field id="field_c7c1f6d"]
  • Please outline any specific timelines or deadlines we need to be aware of for the partnership initiation and student placement process (include general spring and fall deadlines for your university : [field id="field_a7dcdd1"]
  • Will your university accept transfer students? : [field id="field_b794d1b"]
  • If yes, please list any specific criteria required for transfer applicants : [field id="field_45e9f8f"]

Additional Comments or Requirements 📙

  • Please use this space to provide any additional comments, requirements, or specific information that you believe is important for establishing a successful partnership : [field id="field_3902b4b"]
  • What are specific things about your university that you think makes you stand out, especially for students from the GCC regions? : [field id="field_b3099a4"]
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